Personal Injury Case Study

How We Helped a Personal Injury Firm Land High Profile Cases

Matt Palmquist and his team at 610 Marketing are doing a tremendous job delivering calls and have helped us attain several high value cases managing our Google Ads campaigns. Their attention, their knowledge, their transparency and their communication is refreshing. I highly recommend working with them!

Eloy Guerra

The Law Office of Ezequiel Reyna

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Executive Summary

  • A reputed name in the legal industry since the last 40 years was lagging behind their competitors who jumped on the online marketing wagon earlier and were spending 5 figure amounts on online lead generation.
  • The primary challenge was to compete with these existing players in the market with a comparative smaller budget while making sure to drive quality leads month over month. With 610 Marketing’s sensible and strategic digital marketing approach, the number of qualified leads and calls reach from zero to almost 85 calls a month.
  • Beginning in July 2020 when 610 Marketing took over the paid campaigns focusing on a healthy mix of using Google Ads and Facebook Ads.


  • Number of Calls

Challenges that we faced

  • With no previous online marketing done, there was no historical data available, learn from or build on. We started from scratch and had to do a lot of A/B ad testing to know the favourable way of moving forward.
  • During the initial strategic meetings, one fact became clear that the calls were of great importance to the client. However, due to the initial budget constraints, we had to push it back and could only incorporate it into our marketing strategy at a later stage in our 6 months plan.The major challenge was to enter into the competition with other law firms who were already active.

How We Helped?

[gaze_icon_and_text_block layout=”side-black” icon=”fa-check-square”]After taking over their entire online marketing and with the budget of USD 3,000 at hand, we opted for Google and Facebook ads as suitable channels.[/gaze_icon_and_text_block][gaze_icon_and_text_block layout=”side-black” icon=”fa-check-square-o” custom_css_class=”white_bg”]The budget split was kept 70-30 where we invested 70% in Google ads and 30% in Facebook ads.[/gaze_icon_and_text_block][gaze_icon_and_text_block layout=”side-black” icon=”fa-calendar”]Facebook’s lead-gen forms were the main focus in the channel as it allows some user information to be pre-populated within the form that can be saved for later usage. This worked well for the initial month and the client received leads that they were able to connect with. However, as the ads continued running, the quality of leads were measured. We realised that Facebook is not best suited for lead gen and we then only used it for brand awareness.[/gaze_icon_and_text_block][gaze_icon_and_text_block layout=”side-black” icon=”fa-chrome” custom_css_class=”white_bg”]Therefore, we decided to put more towards Google ads for bringing in leads and Facebook for brand awareness; but before that, we had to clean up the client’s Google ads account as well to make sure that no incorrect settings or unoptimized set up is there to affect the future campaigns.[/gaze_icon_and_text_block][gaze_icon_and_text_block layout=”side-black” icon=”fa-stop-circle-o”]The new ad copies were written to highlight the client’s USPs and Call-to-action to encourage the potential customers to take actions.[/gaze_icon_and_text_block][gaze_icon_and_text_block layout=”side-black” icon=”fa-codiepie” custom_css_class=”white_bg”]We ran this ad structure for a month and saw an improvement in the number of calls received by the client. Based on the gathered data, we asked them to increase the budget to help us compete with other lawyers in the market.[/gaze_icon_and_text_block][gaze_icon_and_text_block layout=”side-black” icon=”fa-life-saver”]We implemented Call Tracking Metrics (a 3rd party tool) to track the call duration and to record the calls to identify the lead quality and optimize the account further on the basis of that.[/gaze_icon_and_text_block]

Why are 'Call Only' ads a better option for Law firm marketing?

[gaze_icon_and_text_block layout=”side-color” icon=”fa-gavel”]Usually, the users seeking such services would be in some urgency so there are less chances of them filling out a form and waiting for a call back.[/gaze_icon_and_text_block][gaze_icon_and_text_block layout=”side-color” icon=”fa-cog”]Call only ads gives them the flexibility to directly call the lawyers and get the case started.[/gaze_icon_and_text_block][gaze_icon_and_text_block layout=”side-color” icon=”fa-star-half-empty”]Once we implemented this strategy completely, we saw a significant spike in the calls they received, this is when the analysis from the call tracking metrics helped us to qualify the leads and make sure that we optimize on that.[/gaze_icon_and_text_block][gaze_icon_and_text_block layout=”side-color” icon=”fa-hourglass-half”]Overall, we were able to get the number of leads from nil to an average of 85 calls a month. These were MQLs and many of them got converted into cases that amounted to more than 3 million dollars in compensation.[/gaze_icon_and_text_block]